Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Character Designs

In an alternate universe, pink robots of all sizes that were created by the government have evolved and developed emotions. Realizing that they had been enslaved by humans since their creation, the robots left to start there own civilization. Yet there was a grudge against the humans for what they had done, and a sector of robots decided to wage war upon the humans. After many hopeless defeats, the humans organized into military districts and trained using new methods and weapons to destroy any attacking robot.

Sorry, can't fix the orientation.
This is Yoshimi. She's an elite Robot Fighter from Japan who lost her previous partner in an intense battle. She is stern and hard working, but is fueled by revenge and sometimes puts actions before reason.

This is Jared. He is the worst fighter in his class, but the son of a highly respected Robot Fighter, so he has always had an opportunity to take a few short cuts. This influenced Jared's cocky, laid back, and sometimes cowardly behavior. This attitude changes after becoming Yoshimi's new partner, after he sees how much of a skill gap there is between them, and once he realizes how serious the real battles are.

This is Peter Kruse. Kruse used to be a scientist who worked on the robots while they were still in human control. He went rouge after the robots revolted, because unbeknownst to the rest of the world, he was the one that secretly sped up the process of emotional development in the robots. He planned this rebellion, and then went off to live with them, hoping to befriend them and eventually rule over them.

Alright, now that I got the story out of the way...

I've actually had the characters Yoshimi and Jared long before this project. They are, along with Kruse and the story, based on an album by the Flaming Lips called Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (I know, geeky, right?). Jared pretty much looks the same as how I always drew him, except he has a more defined face using a different style than I usually use. Yoshimi's outfit is the only thing new about her for this project. I wanted Jared and Yoshimi to both have a futuristic sci-fi look, while Kruse needed to look simple and more plain in order to separate himself from other humans and gain the robots' trust. The environment ranges from sparkling futuristic city, to destroyed city, to wasteland where the robots and humans fight, or to the lab where they were created. My finial drawing will be in the wasteland where a battle is taking place.