Thursday, December 5, 2013

Look at that Critter Go!

This is probably my least favorite piece, but the process really helped my understanding of using prismacolors and drawing the motion of an animal. The prismacolors worked well up until the point where there was too much of the background showing. I kept coloring in order to hide it, but that made layers of different colors near impossible for me, as well as emphasizing the value in the fur of the animal. I think I would have been more successful if the drawing was larger (the small space was also part of the challenge) and if I had chosen a different paper color for the background. The animal itself is much too large (I call it my prehistoric donkey) and it looks too flat, as if the donkey is simply raising its leg. The only way to see the emotion behind the action is to look at the donkey's expression, which looks nice but was not the point of the project. I probably struggled the most with this piece than all other projects we've had so far, but it was a great learning experience and the first time using prismacolors.  

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