Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Punch Dipper?! H-how could I...? X(

This project was started on our first day of class.

If you aren't familiar with the cartoon show, Gravity Falls, then why are you reading this. GO WATCH IT. Anyway, the time traveler has come back for revenge on Dipper, and he's using me as his pawn! He must have used mind control (I mean, look at that glazed look and cold smile), because there is no way that I would ever punch Dipper. He's too adorable for me to punch.

Art Credit to: IDK...but its not mine!

So I edited an image of a punched Dipper, a picture of me punching, and an image of a forest, because the show mostly takes place in the woods. My fist is overlapping with Dipper's face, and Mr. Time Traveler (aka Blendin Blandin) is cheering me on behind some trees. My picture isn't that complex, to be honest, I just punched air. But it did take me a while to get it to fit with the other images and edit the picture. The cartoons took forever for me to edit. Some places needed to be cut, and I had to recolor or draw anything that was removed from the original cartoon image (I redrew Dipper's arm, jacket, and fingers, as they were behind a steering wheel in the original image). The interaction between me and Dipper is intense. I mean, gosh, I punched the living crap out of him. In the original image, it is his sister punching him in attempt to remove an attacking magical gnome (LOL).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cat Got Your Tongue?

This tutorial was done on the third day of class. I had actually done this project before in Art 1, so I combined the picture of the tongue with a cat instead of a frog. It came out ok, but it is not much different than the last one with the frog. I already knew how to use the cloning tool, but I don't use it too much on my own so it was a good refresher. What worked with this project was the cloning of the tongue, I think that it was better than my frog one. The drop shadow also looks good. What didn't work was trying to make the cat tongue appear 3-D. It looks really flat over the face. If I were to do this project over again, I would reposition the cat and try to make it look more 3-D. The most difficult part of this project was cloning the tongue to make the cat look like an extension of the tongue. Sometimes I would accidentally clone the lips or teeth,or the tongue would look cut off in some areas.

Hungry Pancakes

This tutorial was done on the second day of class. It was a really fun and interesting project, the pancakes look like they want to eat me. I think it turned out very well. I was able to learn how to use new tools in PhotoShop, like liquify. What worked about this project was that I was able to blend the mouth and the pancakes well and was happy with the final outcome. What didn't work as well was resizing the mouth to fit into the gap in the pancakes and trying not to distort the pancakes too much when using the liquify tool, also changing the color of the jaws to match the pancakes wasn't very effective. If I were to redo this tutorial, I would probably try to smooth out the edges of the jaws more and take more time cutting them out of the original picture. The most difficult part of this project was liquifying the pancakes and blending in the mouth.