Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gesture Painting

I really liked doing this assaignment. Working with paint was a nice change to what we had been doing. First we chose partners; my partner was Logan. We taped a long strip of white paper to the wall and then painted out partners using proportions. After that we painted with funky colors to really make it pop. I really, really, really like my painting. :) I think I got the proportions correct and the paint made it look really cool. Overall, it was very successful.

The only thing that didn't work was that I made my painting too big and didn't have enough room for the feet. If I were to do it over I would start higher on the paper and make it a bit smaller. The most difficult part of the painting was the hands. I'm terrible at hands! So I kind of made them stumps instead. I learned from this piece how to correctly do proportions and improved my painting skills.


This project is probably one of my favorites so far. What we did was take drawings of monsters made by kindergartners and bring them to life, sculpting them from clay. First I chose a monster, than drew what I interpreted it to look like. Then I sculpted the monster out of clay and painted it. Lastly, we hot glued it into a "toy" package to send back to the kindergartners.

I think that my monster was a success. There were no problems and I sculpted pretty well, even though I am usually not very handy with clay. Everything worked with this project, the only thing that didn't was that we had to find a deeper container because my monster was slightly to big. The only changes I would make to my monster would be to make it a bit smaller. The part that was most difficult was attaching the smaller parts of the monster in a way that they would not break off while in the kiln. I learned more techniques in working with clay.

Light Drawings

This project was a nice relaxing project that was both fun and cool. What we did was turn off all the lights and used glow sticks to draw pictures while the camera captured the light. Ours turned out okay, but our pictures were not as vibrant as other groups (probably because of the glow stick brand or the settings of out camera). Everyone in our group participated by either drawing the pictures or taking the pictures with the camera. There really is no way to go wrong with this project, so I think that it was very successful.

At first I was skeptical on how this project worked, but after a few tries I got the hang of it. What didn't really work with this project was the brightness of our pictures. The light from the glow sticks was way too dull. If I could change how we did this project, I would use higher quality glow sticks or a little flashlight/laser pointer. The most difficult part of this project was drawing the picture with the glow stick before the time ran out and the camera finished capturing. What I learned from this picture is that cameras can actually capture the lights; I thought that it would turn out to be just a giant blur.