Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh, The Places You Will Go! - Part 1

When I heard the theme for this project, the first things I thought of involved going somewhere mentally, like dreams, afterlife, or even a drug trip or hallucination. Then I thought of virtual reality; going somewhere in your mind, but motionless in real life. It also has a futuristic approach, with both the advanced technology of virtual reality, and the futuristic place being shown on the monitor. For this project, we had to use pen and ink, which I am familiar with. We learned how to show value using pen and ink, which is shown in my drawing with stifling (dots) and lines.The lines on the monitor were the most difficult. No matter how carefully I lined up the ruler, my lines seemed unbalanced and crooked. I'm actually glad it turned out that way, because it gives it a more static-y look, like white noise. The building was also frustrating, because I have little experience drawing large structures. I really love how the girl and cords came out, though. The stifling really made the cords seem rounded and real. Virtual reality is something I have always wished for, so I had a lot of fun putting my vision on paper (although I made this image kind of surreal, with the cords and all).

NOTE: This is part 1 because I have been asked to work on this piece further. Please wait until part 2 for the final piece.

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