Friday, October 18, 2013

Zuzu Sees You!

When I was thinking of ideas for this project, my miniature dachshunds, Zuzu and Ilsa, kept popping up. I would remember how funny they look sitting on the bed and looking over, especially because they are so tiny and my parents' bed is so large. I tried to draw from an ant's point of view, or slightly under her. I had never drawn from this point of view so that was my first challenge. This perspective makes it seem like she's leaning towards you, ready to jump. I chose to use charcoal because I liked using it with my paper bag, so I wanted to use it again, mostly because it is easier to blend. The most difficult thing with this drawing was the fur. Zuzu has really short fur, so it was harder to make realistic. Using small highlights was a good technique I learned to improve the fur. Also, she has a wide range of grays and blacks in her fur, so I wanted to make sure they stood out in all the right places. My favorite part of the drawing are the eyes. This drawing was mostly a success, but if I had to redraw it, I would try and make the head/muzzle longer and more realistic.

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